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Saturday, June 29, 2002

I got more out of John! He says that Neal's creepy because he likes me a bunch but doesn't want a relationship. I don't know if that's cause for the term creepy, but I'm not the one labelling him.

I was supposed to visit my great-great aunt today in a hospice, but my mom left at 9:30 because I wasn't up early enough. She didn't wake me up, and I was up at 9:30. She claimed she told me she was leaving then, but she only said "early" when she told me. After she got back we went to the mall and then I went to work and then I went to Sarah's. We waited for Melissa to arrive, and then we tried on Sarah's clothes. I picked out a red snake-skin dress to wear to the nightclub in London. I also took a 2 tank tops of hers, and wore her pink prom dress. Now I can say that I've worn a prom dress, since I didn't go to prom. I told Sarah that if she sells it I'm buying it because it's awesome. I want to get married in it.

Morgan had Jessa's birthday party today, but only Morgan, Melissa, and Jessa could go. Morgan was being a twit because she told everyone about it today (after it had been cancelled) so everyone had to work and couldn't go. None of us are big fans of Morgan anyway, and Jessa had no say in the party. It makes me angry that she's such a twit.


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