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Thursday, January 30, 2003

I woke up today with several Dashboard Confessional songs in my head at the same time. The weird thing is that Erinn ALSO had Dashboard Confessional songs. My quiz in linear algebra was easy today, which made me happy because then I got out early. Why is it that I make friends with guys faster than girls? I know SO many guys here and while it could be because the guy:girl ratio is 3:1, when I was little and in elementary school all my really good friends that understood me best were guys. I didn't connect with the girls. I was thinking about this while I was talking to Alex, someone I met yesterday. I also was talking briefly with Thelma. I really need to get to know more girls so I have someone to room with next year, since Erinn is rooming with Marie. I slept through Erinn's alarm today. It went off 3 times but I only heard it once. I find that amazing, because this is the second time I've done that this week and normally I wake up really easily. I must be really tired or acquiring Neal's habits. I slept so well last night that I didn't even move around. My covers were in the same place they were went I went to bed. That's a really hard thing to do with me! Now I saw something nasty today. I was walking down 2nd floor and as always, I look into the rooms. One room had a computer with a picture of 2 naked girls on top of each other on his desktop background! I did NOT want to see that! It's like the other room that has a giant poster of 2 half-naked girls kissing.

I didn't write this, but at like 2 AM yesterday I woke up and I heard Erinn talking like she was on the phone. I listened then fell back asleep. Later I told her this. The weird thing is that she was talking about something I dreamt about, and later I got to thinking that maybe I dreamt her talking in her sleep because she had been up at 2. That's when she fell asleep, and she wasn't on the phone or anything. The odd thing was that it felt so real and I was convinced for most of the day yesterday that she was talking in her sleep. I still don't know what really occured. Yesterday I also sent Neal a letter through misaddressed mail. I wasn't sure if I should purposely misaddress it or not, but I ended up not. I also saved a stamp, if it works.

Song of the day ~ A Plain Morning by Dashboard Confessional


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