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Friday, February 07, 2003

UGH! My world cultures exam blew my butt. How am I supposed to memorize what country in the world has the lowest GNI? The map part SUCKED and then the other part was ok... but still bad. My group all got done within 5 minutes- Erinn, then Derek, then Tim, then me. UNFORTUNETELY Tim waited for me and I got really annoyed. Like before the test he sat down in Derek's seat next to me and I told him "You can't sit there. You're NOT sitting there." really mean but it didn't help. THen after the test I said "You didn't have to wait for me" in the same tone but he didn't catch it and he tried to walk really close to me again. I kept moving away from him. I was hoping to see Neal on the way back since his class ends at 10 but I didn't, so I was forced to walk with Tim.


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