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Monday, October 14, 2002

Today in chem I fell asleep twice. The first time I had a dream that there was a girl with marker on her belly that said "Kevin." Dave in my dream said "Kevin!" like he was shocked it was her name. Then I woke up and I realized that he was trying to get attention of the guy in front of us, Kevin.

The second time I fell asleep I was dreaming of going to the Motherlode and I was walking down some stairs that don't exist and I tripped. I did the jerky thing that you do when I woke up, and it made a loud noise and I was embarrassed I fell but then I realized that it was just a dream. Dave, who was sitting next to me, laughed and me and every time I was going to sleep after then he kept poking me.

Acid-base reactions are boring.

Song of the day ~ Overkill by The Benjamin Gate


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