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Sunday, October 13, 2002

Well, I haven't updated in quite awhile. My family arrived Friday and it was sooooooo warm and actually sunny for once! We went to the casino in Baraga and I succeeded in gambling away $11.50 at slots and buying a deck of cards. Neal won $10 his first try and kept winning a lot but he played until he had no more money left. Erinn was winning and losing, but she also gambled away all her money. Neal is one lucky guy though. The most I ever won was $5, and that was with Erinn's quarter. Other than that the most was $2.25. I came SO close to winning like 2500 in quarters, but the 3 wilds I got (this happened twice) weren't on the pay line. NOOOO! Ultimate laughter against me! Neal should have won $50 because he got 3 wilds in a row and you could win that if they were in any position, but the machine didn't pay out which was quite mean of it. After that we hung out and watched America's Funniest Home Videos in my family's hotel room and I kept cracking up. Oh, and there was a stray dog that kept following us. I spent the night in Neal's room.

Yesterday we had brunch with my family and then went to the Quincy Mine Tour. That was really neat, but it was about 50 out so it was quite chilly, especially in the mine. I bought 2 pairs of earrings at the gift shop: lizard ones (of COURSE I had to buy them) and pink and black loop ones. Then we hung out and ate dinner at a restaurant that was The Berry Farm or something. The food there was really good, and they had Blue Moon ice cream which made it even better. After dinner we saw the Shangri-La acrobats and that was just amazing. Neal had his mouth open in awe quite a lot, and that was funny to see, but it was just an awesome show. People shouldn't bend like that. After the show I watched a movie with Neal and slept in his room.

Today we took a drive in the snow. Yes, snow. It's about 36 out, and snowing. At first the snow looked like dippin' dots. I'm serious! It was shaped JUST like that! It's snowing pretty hard, but at one point there was a white out and an inch on the ground. Now it's all melted, but still snowing. It puts me in such a good mood. I LOVE it! Erinn opened the window and yelled out it, "I hate snow!!!!" and the guys out there looked at her funny. After the drive we went to the mall where we bought gumballs. I got Wet Pineapple (what's with the wet???) and Strawberry Banana. I wanted to her Gourmet Cantelope (what makes it gourmet???) but it wouldn't give me a gumball because it was mean. Then we ate at the Ming Garden, but the food is not the best Chinese I've had. Ye's is still the best, and rocks all other booties.

I got my charm bracelet!!! They put one of the charms on backwards though. I also got a t-shirt and sweatshirt and pants al advertising Michigan Tech. I have lots of food and candy that my family was nice enough to bring. Oh, and on Friday I FINALLY received the cds I ordered, so I had to call my bank and tell them to take the credit off and cancel it. I didn't think I'd get the product after waiting a month and a half.

Song of the day ~ Let It Snow


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