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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Social Dance class today was fun. We did the Virginia Reel, The Alligator, and the tango. NEVER EVER do the Virginia Reel in socks on a slippery floor, especially when you don't know what you're doing. Everyone was slipping. My partner had very strong arms so when we were the lead couple and we were sliding and then had to change directions, he pulled me so hard that I couldn't keep up because I was sliding so I ended up completely falling and then it was so slippery I couldn't get up. We were then behind on the beat a lot and since our line had an extra couple we already had to go faster, so that made it harder and I got so confused when we got to the reel that I was going backwards and every whichway. It was bad, but fun. Oh, and parts of the song were from The Pirates of Penzance! I forget which song now, but I was tempted to sing along! The Alligator was pretty stupid. Only drunks should do that at weddings. It was especially bad when we were the lead couple and we had to dance down the middle in modern style because that's the exact kind of dancing I can't do. Oh, and we were taught "rock and roll" dancing, but it was really just early 90s to Janet Jackson and that's not going to help me! My quest to learn how to dance at like, dances, has failed but I do know some other neat dances!


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