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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Peter called me about the spreadsheet thing and I told him I'd call him after I ate dinner but I didn't because Neal and I went to buy greyhound tickets home. We walked half an hour to get to the place, and then found it closed. It's only open between 9 and 10 pm (only an hour!) which is sucky. The lady I called said it was open till 10. So we walked back and found Marie and she's going to drive us there because Neal gets out of lab at 9 so we wouldn't have much time. Anyway, while I was gone Peter called but Erinn didn't know where I was so he probably thinks I'm ditching him. I tried calling him but he doesn't have an answering machine hooked up and no one was answering. I don't want to walk over to his pot room, either. I got mud on my jeans that I just washed today, too. That doesn't make me happy so I tried washing them in the sink but I failed and the mud is still there.


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