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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Guess what! I've had 4 days of good moods! Not like an ok mood, but HAPPY moods! I don't remember the last time this happened to me, especially more than 1 day in a row! It might be because I accomplished a lot today. I wrote my resume and posted it, figured out my physics after 2 hours of twisted thinking, and now am relieved to find out that my cs lab TAs thought it was Wednesday when it was Thursday so everyone but me put the wrong section number. However, the cs computers still think I'm a cs major, but maybe it's because I'm a computer engineering major. Who knows. At any rate, things are good.

The only bad thing is that Yamil is a jerk who called me an "UGGLY hoe." Way to spell, Yamil. He was the one who called me a hamster. He was mad at Neal because Neal's parents don't let him do anything, and Yamil thinks it's Neal's fault and so now they aren't friends. Fine with me because of all the bad things I heard, and all the insults Yamil had towards me. He never even met me. I think I might cuss him out next time he's online because he was such a jerk and Neal didn't even try very hard to defend himself.

I haven't had a song of the day in forever... a song hasn't stuck in my head, so I don't have one. I hope one will come soon.


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