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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Erinn, Marie, and I got an invitation to a frat party today. It was my first. It was for Beta Sigma Theta, but we didn't go. Who wants to go out walking in lots of snow when we don't even know where it was? It was funny because Erinn was wearing shorts and had a blanket over herself and it looked like she wasn't wearing any pants. One of the guys, Frank, said (because of that) that it was going to hot. He also said to me that he's seen me dance and that I'm good, and I denied it. Erinn and Marie were so confused and I explained that he was in my social dance class and we danced together a few times. Just was with Frank, but he didn't say much. He just said that I could invite Neal.

I ended up getting an 86% on world cultures. I'm sick. :( I was eating this morning and I couldn't swallow anything because my throat was swollen. It really stunk.


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