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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Marie said yesterday that when she saw Tim he didn't look sad about his girlfriend. It's true, the only time he was sad was when i asked and then he's been fine. That's so odd... Also, we were discussing Jehovah's Witnesses since he is one. He's celebrating the Last Supper tonight, instead of tomorrow like most other religions do. He said that they go by the ancient calendar and according to that today is the last supper. He doesn't celebrate other holidays though, like good Friday and Easter and Ash Wednesday. He calls them "national holidays" but if they were national then we'd have them off. On a random note, I saw a guy wearing a Cubs jersey and I said, "Cubs! Yeah!" He turned and gave me a funny look like "who are you? what the heck?" while I have him 2 thumbs up and grinned. Yeah, I scare people. In diff eq we had a long discussion about BLTs and Captain Planet, like how the heart dude was only there so there was someone representing each continent and that heart was a stupid power and such. It was fun. Then we all started singing the theme song. By "we" I mean the people I sit by: Alex, Tim, Rob, Molly, Moser (yeah, odd name, probably last name) and some people I have yet to get the names of even though they're in my classes. The thing is that it's hard to find out people's names when attendance isn't really taken or anything!


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