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Thursday, July 18, 2002

WOO!!! I have a new cousin!!! Reid and Tonia now have a 6 lbs baby girl named either Alexis or Alexia. It's hard to tell on the answering machine. I'm so excited because I guess i have a second cousin now and it's a girl. I have no other female cousins! AND they might teach her to call my aunt, which is exciting because it's like a sense of authority.

I enjoyed my tour of Michigan Tech and I'm very glad I'm going there because it's better than augustana because there are no hills (among other things). It's the right size, seems very up to date and seems like a very good school. I'm excited to be going there. My roommate from Augustana called me while I was gone, so now I have to call her and tell her I'm not going to be her roommate. I put it off, but I'll have to do it eventually.

Wednesday I accidentely set the alarm for pm, not am so I ended up having 15 minutes to get ready before we had to leave for Michigan Tech.

Song of the day ~ Queen of Earth by Weezer


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