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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Sooooo... I told Neal to make a wish at 11:11 and he did. He asked if they came true and I told him that my last one of 4 years did. He said it couldn't have been him since I didn't know him 4 years ago. I told him it was related to him, and he asked if it was for a b/f. Here's what I'm thinking- he didn't want us to go out because of college, so since I don't have a b/f how could that mean it came true? Unless we are going out without him telling me... So, I told him that it wasn't that since he claimed he didn't want a g/f, and that it was to find someone who accepts and understands me. I told him it'd be nice to have a b/f, especially if it was him and Neal said that it was sweet of me to say. So I'm confused because he didn't contradict my saying that we aren't going out... I got a double message! So basically Neal says I have a boyfriend but that I'm not going out with him... so who's my boyfriend?


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