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Friday, October 25, 2002

Hee hee. Erinn and I turned on the tv and A Knight's Tale was on, but a little bit through so Erinn popped in her tape. About halfway through Marie and Josh came to visit so Erinn paused it and we talked to them for a long time. We talked so long that the pause stopped and it went to the tv. I told Josh and Marie that it was on tv too, and they knew what happened because the movie wasn't at the same place as where we paused. Erinn didn't realize this and for 5 minutes she was trying to stop the live tv. I just kept laughing and giggling at her. It took her 5 minutes to figure out what the rest of us knew, and it was so great. I was walking upstairs and on someone's dry erase board it said Fhqwhgads. That's an awesome song and so I wrote on the board, "Strong Bad rocks!" Tonight, or rather last night, Marie, Erinn, Josh, Neal, Tim, and I watched Meet the Parents. Tim left in the middle because he doesn't do well being up late and he ahd seen the end before. It was all for Erinn's sake, since she likes him. He laughs really loud, and he refused to watch anything illegal. He doesn't download music either. He's really clean cut religious.

Song of the day ~ Fhqwhgads


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