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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I just had the FUNNEST time ever. It's snowing today and it's actually sticking!!! There's not an inch yet, not even half an inch yet, but it's soooooo cool! I went out there twice, once just to eat the snow when it began (since it was snowing hard) and the second time to play. It blizzarded for awhile. It keeps going lots and little. But anyway, Erinn and I went out there and played for like half an hour by running and sliding on the snow. I fell down several times and got mud and grass and water all over my jeans so they're being washed right now. Neal was a bum and said it wouldn't be fun enough to play in. We had several people watching us but no one joined. :( I guess we're too dorky for them, but I've never had so much fun in snow before!!!!!! Erinn was throwing snowballs at me as I slid. I hope someone took pictures or video taped it and is going to make a movie about it like the flood one. Probably not, but still!!!!

"If you know the activity series you're like Super McGyver." ~My chem teacher

"If you stick this in this it's big fun." ~My chem teacher

Song of the day ~ Lullabye by Billy Joel


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