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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Showers are good places to cry. You are already wet, and no one can hear you over the shower.

This is a funny website about Illinois. Erinn says I say bag funny because I sound Chicagoan, so that got me interested in trying to figure out what a Chicago accent is. Like, I guess it's pronounced shih-CAW-goh (which I do) and not shih-KAAH-goh. I actually listened to a clip of someone saying Chicago who's not from Chicago and he said it the second way which sounded weird. I pronounce bag like baag so something while Erinn pronounces it like beg, only with a little a sound. Then there's that crazy th sound, the d. My dad has that, since he grew up in Chicago. Like dat instead of that, only not as prominate. I say birthday weird. I sort of drop the h, so it's like birtday or birday but not so noticeable. I guess that Chicago style. And we speak nasally?? I don't hear it. Hmmm, we say cop like cahhhp. I spose that's right. And pecan like pee-cahn. Yup.

Ah, the crazy lady game and and tried to get me to go to campus crusade. What they do just doesn't sound fun to me.

Song of the day ~ Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails


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