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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I haven't said anything in awhile. Let's see, Monday was BORING. Lately I've been feeling ill. I think I got it from Neal, and now Erinn feels that way so it's not cool. It's like puking ill, but I haven't puked yet. I can't get my flu shot till the middle of November, so I'm screwed till then. Things are going ok... yesterday I had PMS in a humongo way. I was crying forever over something that I shouldn't have really been upset about. Although there were things for me to be upset about, like the fact that Neal and I hardly talk anymore. And now that's going to happen less because he's been really busy lately. I saw him for like less than an hour total today. Yesterday I had a few hours with him but I was feeling sick so it wasn't fun. I can't see him at all tomorrow except for dinner, so that'll be 20 minutes. It makes me sad, because I can only talk to him over aim and lately he's been too busy to be on. And next week I'll see him even less because he has to focus on his homework and study a lot because his father gave him a lecture about his functions class. Neal doesn't have the commitment to study, which makes me feel sad and feel sorry for him. I have no problem doing homework and all, and I wish he had my work ethics. I always felt bad for him in physics last year, too.

Song of the day ~ P5hng Me A*wyby Linkin Park


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