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Saturday, October 26, 2002

I just went through the safehouse on 5th. I dont know why they're called safehouses when they're really haunted houses. Not every hall does one. Our hall did it for 5 year olds, so it's Spongebob Square Pants and not scary at all. I hear 2nd floor has an awesome one but you can only go through with a tour guide. I couldn't convince Erinn to go with me until Ken joined us and he wanted to go through. It was awesome. We were their practice run. Tim announced over some walkie talkies, "Hey, we're doing a practice run. Neal's girlfriend and some other people. Are you ready?" Great, I don't have a name but at least I'm known. Erinn and I are both big scardies when it comes to haunted houses, so we made Ken go in front in case anything jumped out. Nothing really did, but it was quite elaborate. They a really awesome glowing wizard fight with black lights and stuff. We also got to go in the guys bathroom where they had a torture chamber with other cool blacklight stuff. The coolest was going in the dragon's mouth, because we were stepping on mattresses to make it soft and somehow they got pulsing sides. I suppose they opened a couple doors and had something making pillow cases pulse, but it was awesome. At the end we had to give back the weapons they gave us to "fight the dragon."


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