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Friday, November 15, 2002

Man, last night Neal kept talking so much! I fell sleep in Matt's chair and then woke up and went to bed. Neal kept mumbling and at one point, "No, not that one! mumblemumble error mumblemumble cake!" I asked if he was wake and why he was talking about cake. He said he was away and corrected me, saying he was talking about error. Neal doesn't remember this conversation. I think he was dreaming about calc. Erinn developed her pictures and the one of Neal and I didn't come out great because Neal's eyes are closed. There's another that she took right after I tickled him and he looks so ecstatic in the picture. It took me awhile to remember why he was so happy. I forgot to say that in philosophy we were talking about Jeremy Bentham and how his body is preserved at teh college he founded. The head it all mummified and stuff, and the clothes are still on him. He's locked in a cabinet. They take him out for special occasions and banquets. He used to be taken out to attend board meetings because otherwise the college couldn't get money. The finally finished that practice in 1995. I think that's the oddest thing ever... he must have been ecentric. Yesterday night Josh spent the night in Marie's room. And I ALSO found a female who can do the ootz! John, Lauren, and I had this theory that only guys could do it because of their adam's apples. And Andre apparently has pink sheets with flowers... he likes the color pink. I think that's odd. In engineering we were typing up our homework and we put that E.T. wrote our calc book (Audrey and I couldn't stop laughing about it). Peter tried to convince us to put him as the publisher of my physics notebook because he wanted the last thing our teacher read to be Peter. I think it's great that I get to be in the references because of my physics notebook. Ugh, and in philosophy we used a decision matrix which I've used in engineering! NOOOOOO! I napped today from around 1:15 to 3:30. I am STILL tired! I decided to watch survivor so I had some coffee to keep me awake, but it's not working. Laurel (the crazy lady) stopped by to talk but I shooed her away because I wanted to sleep. I was a little rude about it, but she did wake me up. There was also a phone call too which woke me up.

Song of the day ~ Fish Heads by Dr. Demento


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