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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Ug, mathematica today sucks. We have to do 2 exercises instead of 1, and they are really hard. For some reason the stupid program wouldn't recognize that we had cleared the variables so we had to rename everything. The teacher was trying to help but he was telling us things that I knew wouldn't work (and was right about) and it was really, really frustrating and I started losing my temper and getting frustrated and was about to yell at him but I didn't because I knew that wouldn't be good. I was also frustrated at my partner for once again trying to teach me things I knew. Then after lunch (which sucked) half of my lights stopped flashing AGAIN so I tried to get them to flash but it didn't work so I put in a regular bulb and then every regular bulb (except 1) I put in on the other side was burned out, and these were the extra bulbs they gave me! I was so close to saying "fuck it." Instead I said "ffffffffffffffffffffffughhhhhhh!!!" I don't swear.

Song of the day ~ Broken by 19 Wheels


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