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Monday, November 11, 2002

Calc was a waste to go to. I understand it all so I didn't learn anything. Chem was fun. First I bought 3 cookies from the bake sale (they had powdered sugar and water frosting, the best kind!!!) and then Dave gave me a cookie from the cafeteria. It made me feel sick though. Derek and I are big pigs. He was telling me about how he went drinking over the weekend and raided all the sororities and while the others were taking plaques and awards he was taking food from the fridge. Derek's feet are huge! They're like at least 2" larger than mine! It's insane. He said my hair looked nice, but then he said my shoes looked like Ronald McDonald shoes. I told him and Dave about how one day I am going to bowl in my shoes. We had a lot of fun talking about Dave hunting with tranquilizers and blow darts. I don't remember how we got on the topic. Then they were amazed with the nail polish I'm wearing (it changes from green to purple in certain lights) and my mood ring. We discussed the hotness of my room and swing dancing and lot of fun things. It was great.

Today is Neal's 19th birthday! Hooray for Neal! I gave him his present, which is a picture frame I decorated and a picture of me inside. It's an older one, where my hair is short. Neal says I look better now with my hair longer. I told him that we're going to get a professional one done so he has a current one of me and so I actually have a good picture of him (the bum, not getting a senior picture). I hope he likes the picture frame. He says it's by his computer. I'm going to have to go to his room sometime today to see it and the sign on his door that his hall put up.

Song of the day ~ Bodies by the Smashing Pumpkins


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