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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I am having the worst day of my life, really! At 12:30 I remembered I needed to bake cornflake cookies, so I looked for all the ingredients. We didn't have large marshmallows, so I had to count out 230 of the miniature ones. Once that was done, I started baking. Everything went well and after I cleaned up I used the exercise bike for a bit. Then looking down, I noticed I had red food dye on my chest and between my breasts! I was wearing a tank top. I couldn't understand HOW it got there since I hadn't touched myself there and I had washed my hands, so I went to the bathroom to clean it up. There I noticed there was some on my tank top as well. I took it off and started hand washing it. Then I noticed more and more spots of red food dye started appearing on the white tank top! It's the kind that has the built-in support so it has 2 layers in the chest area. I even managed to get food dye between the layers! HOW did I do that when I was wearing it??????? I had food dye under my arm pit and on the stomach area and on the back and at the bottom!!! YET, I only had food dye on my chest and between the breasts. HOW DID I MANAGE THIS???????? So I did as best I could (I've never worn the top before, so I don't want it to stain) then went downstairs to wash it. There was no shout, so I had to put generic stuff on it. Then I though I'd bleach it except that we were all out of bleach! I opened the washer and saw there was already clothes in it, so I had to put those in the dryer before I could put in my shirt. Then as I was taking them out I hit my head on the overhead shelves we had very hard. After I finally finished all that, I went upstairs to clean off my skin and put a new shirt on. That's when I noticed I had red food dye ALL over my socks on the bottom!!! I don't remember spilling any, and my feet had never felt wet, yet it looked like my socks were 2 colors because there was so much! I immediately took them off and didn't bother to rinse or anything, but went down to the basement and threw them in the washer. Then I went upstairs and looked everywhere I had stood to see if I could find where the food dye came from, and there was NOTHING on the floor!!! I can't believe this!!! I'm really hoping that my day doesn't get any worse. I hope my shirt doesn't have any stains on it, too. I've only worn this shirt for 4 hours!


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