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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The Two Towers is really good. I think I still like the first one better, but the second is way up there. It was a little boring in the beginning but then it got better. The fight scenes were awesome. The best part of the whole movie, which made me point at the screen and made Lauren and I exclaim in amazement, was when Legolas flipped himself onto a horse and he was practically flying in the air! I can't describe it, but it was awesome! If I had a clip of that, I'd watch it over and over! Neal kept saying, "Sweet!" like 50 million times during the whole movie. He liked it a lot. On the way back to my house we saw a coyote!!! At first I thought it was a dog or wolf, but then I realized it must have been a coyote. That's awesome! W00t! It's New Year's Eve and I'm going to at least 1 fun party tonight! YEAH!


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