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Friday, December 27, 2002

I got an electric guitar for Christmas!!! It's awesome! I also got lots of knitting stuff and yarn, and some cool games, and clothes, and a really neat ring and really cool bracelet. My family got game cube. I was going to go sledding yesterday but I had already told Neal I'd go to the mall with him. We ended up going on a wild goose chase to find what he wanted because the first best buy we went to didn't have it so then we had to drive to another which did. Here's our path:
my house--borders in St. Charles--Bee's house in Elgin--Sportsmart by Woodfield (to get broomball stuff which we didn't get)--Woodfield mall (I TOLD him not to bother since it'd be so crowded but he didn't listen. We didn't get have a chance to turn into a parking aisle, and people were very rude when we were trying to leave because they blocked the intersection so we couldn't go straight on green 3 times!!)--Best Buy by Woodfield--Best Buy in Carol Stream--Stratford Mall--my house
I also swear I told him that there was a best buy on Army Trail road but I don't think he listened when I said so because he said he had no idea when I told him again after the first best buy failed. I also had a strange dream that Josh was wearing knight's shoes and that Neal kept changing into a girl so I didn't like him anymore.


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