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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Man, there are some crazy rain and winds going on today. Right now I feel like I've been home for a day but I haven't yet. I'm really tired and still feeling sick. Hopefully tomorrow the meds will kick in. I also have a headache.. FUN!

Anyway, my mom went to the doctor today and she has bronchitis and borderline pneumonia which is bad. Apparently she's had it for 6 weeks already but didn't know. Amica tried to bite me again today. I'm still afraid of her and my dad has been trying to change that but it's hard. My mom said I look like I lost weight, but I didn't really from when she last saw me. Ok, so I was checking my email I was thinking about what would happen if Neal and I got married while still in college. Would my email change? If it did, it'd be and I think that's funny. I was also thinking that because Derek's is drbotero so he likes thinking he's a doctor. The songs of the day are probably going to disappear again unless I happen to have one in my head.

Song of the day ~ You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by 19 Wheels


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