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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I got home around 1:15 today and was surprised to find that my mom was home sick. The bus ride was not fun because it was bumpy and I felt nauseous the whole time. I tried to sleep on Neal but he ended up sleeping on me most of the time. At one point we saw teh Aurora Health Center and I thought it looked like the one by Erinn's house except that we were at a gas station and I don't remember a gas station being there. Neal thought it wasn't wide enough. However, even though I saw a sign shortly after that that said "Bay Area somethingorother" about 45 minutes later the driver said we were in Green Bay so I don't know if I saw Erinn's health thing or not. I was planning on knitting a lot but I couldn't because I was sick. BLEH. I'm much better now.


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