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Monday, December 16, 2002

I got really really mad at Neal today because I told him we had to eat no later than 11:45 because of my final at 12:30 and he wasn't talking to Evan so he didn't get down here till 11:50, which made me have 3 minutes till my exam after I ate and went to the bathroom. I even speed ate too. I yelled at him and wouldn't walk with him or anything because I was so mad. He knew he had to be down here so I had time but he didn't stop talking to Evan. Neal says that he does this a lot (which I know but it's never been in a situation where he NEEDED to be on time) and that's why his parents don't always trust him. I feel the same way sometimes.

My chem exam was really really easy! I was halfway done after half an hour. Most of the questions were calculations, which was exactly what I studied for. My notecard had the right things on it, too. There were about 4 or 5 questions I had to guess on because I had no idea (including one about current which we never talked about in class) but I feel pretty confident. Derek was shaking his fist at me as I left. He said he'd give me his phone number and I can call him over break and he'll come visit. He lives somewhere in lower Michigan. I think that's really cool that he'll visit.


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