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Sunday, January 05, 2003

Bowling was fun because I was actually semi-good! I got 109 the first game and 87 the second, as compared to my 48 the last time I played. I got 1 strike each game and several spares! I beat Neal, too, which never happens. They made me bowl the correct way a few times because I walk up there and stop. I did the same as I normally do, so it's pointless. When Dustin and I bowl at the same time, he sucks my luck. Afterwards we got ice cream from Kaleidoscoops which is the best in the world! I got my Superman and Cotton Candy. Mmmmm. Today Pastor was there in church so we had a replacement (Pastor's appendix ruptured) and they couldn't get the bulletins to print so we got to use the book for once! I was excited about that because I love using the hymnals. Then we went out to eat at Applebees and I suffed my face. I have some fun quotes from Friday:

We were talking about robust and how there was robust wine and what that meant. I said, "It means it's well-endowed with flavor."

Then we were playing Yahtzee and Melissa said, "I need a good upper half." I said, "You already do!" It took everyone awhile to realize what I meant then Lauren laughed and said, "That's funny on 2 levels!" Melissa could be described as robust herself, but not in the wine sense.


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