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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I woke up today at 5:30... and couldn't sleep. Definitely not fun. Neal came over yesterday and we hung out and watched a movie. We wanted Chinese but Ye's is closed on Mondays and the only other menu for Chinese we had was for a place that opened at 4:30. We were frustrated. When my mom came home I complained to her about out lack of Chinese menus. She told me she had one in her car, like that would have helped us. She had the car.

My mood necklace broke yesterday and now I feel naked without it. It broke in 3 places, and now I need a new chain for it or something.

If anyone has had bad/sad dreams and want to tell me about them, you can join the Nightmare Dreams blog and post yourself. In fact, you can even join this one and become one of the "team" and then instead of this being just about my life, it could be about everyone's and that would be pretty neat. Just let me know.


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