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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

WINTER CARNIVAL IS SO MUCH FUN!!! Erinn, Neal, and I went out to go mini golfing and look at the snow statues. The pep band had made a miniature golf course out of snow, only 8 1/2 holes. It was really hard to play. Neal had an awesome one where his ball jumped into the hole. Erinn lost her ball in the snow and had to get another. The last hole was supposed to be an automatic hole in one but Erinn and I both failed it. I had my first taste of deep fried twinkie and it was SO GOOD. I don't like twinkies but I had to try it. Erinn got a deep fried snickers, which I almost got too. I also got free chili, and some people were advertising free roasted nuts so I got some. I said to them, "I can never deny free stuff!" and then one of the guys (you can tell he was female deprived, being 3:1 ratio) said "Really? Hmmmmm." The snow statues are really awesome. Tomorrow I'm going to take pictures when they're all completed. One had seats and they were playing a movie on the snow tv they made! We watched a re-enactment of the Bible which was ok. After all this we decided to play in the huge snow piles in front of the dorm. They're at least 2 1/2 stories tall. Neal and I climbed to the top and Erinn took lots of pictures of us. It was undisturbed snow and I was sinking and it was fun. Neal kept pushing me and we rolled down the giant hills. Then we did it again. I love playing in the snow. My jeans were completely white. After we came in people copied us and played in it. We're always the first, like when Erinn and I played when we had the first lasting snowfall. Then I had to strip off my many layers- 3 pairs of socks, long underwear pants, jeans, 2 long underwear shirts, sweatshirt, coat, hat, hood, gloves. I was warm though, and no problems with freezing appendages even though we were out for over an hour. I'm so glad I came here. Winter Carnival is the best holiday ever, especially since we get 2 days off for it.

If you frostbite an appendage really bad they cut it off. What if it's your butt? How do they cut that off?

Happy Lincoln's Boyhood Birthday!


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