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Friday, March 07, 2003

As predicted, Melissa called me Wednesday when I wasn't home. I've been awfully busy lately. Wednesday I sat around being bored, went to my allergist appointment, picked up my mom, then we went to get my birthday present, a digital camera. It's about time I got one. My current camera sounds like it's eating the film when it rewinds, and I have to hold it together with duct tape. My new camera is truly cool, with the ability to create short movies with sound. I have a feeling I will use the camera more, knowing that I can delete pictures that come out wrong. I'm not a particularly avid photographer, and I have no sense of art. Anyway, after that I tried to nap then went to church where I was reminded of how I dislike my pastor's sermons. All in all I tried to nap 5 hours on Wednesday and failed miserably. Perhaps it's because lately I've been sleeping badly. I woke up at 7 yesterday, and all this week I have been waking up insanely early. Not to mention the nightmares that have been accompaning me. Not entirely pleasant.

Yesterday Neal came over so we could go to the mall. I was mad at him for awhile because he came later than I expected and since I had been up sincce 7 with nothing to do I was quite crabby. I also had maybe 5 hours of sleep the night before. The good news was that Bee finally payed him back so now only Shorty owes him money. When Neal arrived I had to take a couple pictures of him to finish off the film in my ghetto camera. We dropped it off after lunch and I should pick that up sometime today (and hopefully Melissa won't call while I'm gone). We went to fox valley mall to see Karyn and have her fix my charm bracelet, but she wasn't there. Magically the guy who we talked to fixed one of the charms in about a minute without really doing anything, which was surprising since Neal and I both worked on it for at least 5 minutes each and couldn't fix it. He's going to have my frog put on, and tell Karyn to put the picture in my locket. She works part-time now because she's studying to be a teacher. My parents will have to send up the bracelet or something. After that we walked around a bit. Neal got his watch, which fits a lot better than his old one and won't fall off. It's also holographic. ^_^ I got a bikini (at Neal's request and my mom's-- she says that I need to flaunt what I have). I personally think my stomach isn't flat enough to pull it off, and my waist isn't small enough. I do wish I remember what the measurements are that guys supposedly think are good, because I think I'm close to that (or at least wish t be). I also bought some shorts since I gained weight. The funny thing is that before when I was a 5 I could never find size 5's and now I'm a 7 and I can never find 7's. It's like the whole world grew fat with me. Also which I find weird is that in missus I'm a 6 which is equivalent to junior's 5 (supposedly, all the tags say so) but 5's don't fit me. I think it should be 6/7 not 5/6. At any rate, when I was trying the stuff on some lady kicked Neal out of the changing room (there was a seat there and I was going to have him see which bathing suit he liked best) because she thught he was going to peep at her. She was like in her late 40s, I doubt he'd do that. He was just sitting! I was unable to have him tell me which looked best on me so I had to judge for myself and since I think I don't have the right body, it was quite a hard process. Anyway, after that (or rather, it occured before) Neal bought me my birthday present, a tanzanite ring and necklace. It was a set on sale, and set in white gold which is my favorite. They look really pretty and I love them. The chain for the necklace is quite thin though so I have to be careful that I don't break it. We walked around the mall some more. I stopped at Bath and Body Works so I could get some of the wall fragrance things for our room, and I picked one that smells like pina colada. Very good. ^_^ Then we walked some more and then went back to my house. We had dinner (Neal's first taste of Connie's pizza) and played cards, then sat through Bush's stupid conference thing since Survivor was supposed to be on after it. After Survivor we hung a bit then he left. I was getting tired by then since I was up a long time. On a side note, Ruby-Lemonade is REALLY good.

As of today? So far nothing. I slept till 8:30, an improvement. I remember waking up at 7-something and hearing Amica moving around and people asking where she was. I wasn't too concerned because I knew she wasn't in my room. I read magazines till 10 then took my shower and here I am now, online. I can't do any of my homework since the computer freezes every time I try to print the physics and I had no idea how to get farther on my cs. That reminds me, I was supposed to have Neal try to help me. Dang. As of yet I have no idea when I'm going back to school. Alice leaves on Sunday and she could be taking anywhere between 4 (if I go) or 6. Neal is supposed to tell me who's going, because 5 was cramped in the SUV. She would be taking a van if there were 6 of us, but it would still be somewhat cramped since we each have our own bag. My family is 5 and in our van we're fine, but my parents share a bag and usually so do Alli and Laura. I think 6 would be tight with all of our stuff. My parents seem very inclined to take me but that would mean leaving either tonight or early tomorrow morning (5-ish). Alli wants to come with. I'm torn, because that would be I'd be at school all alone because I think Neal and Erinn are going back on Sunday. Neal better call me today with the goods.


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