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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Go to, then keep refreshing until you get Orlando Bloom's voice. Mmmm.

So yesterday I had no internet access which SUCKED. Here's been my week: Saturday night I went to Janet's house to hang with her and Jessa. We watched John Q, which is a really good movie. I drove without incident (except for me going 10 over at a curve because I was having so much fun ^_^ ).

Sunday Neal came over and he joined me and my family for dinner at Famous Dave's (best buffalo wings EVER) and then we saw Shanghai Knights. Laura and I couldn't stop giggling through the whole thing. I love Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. They make a great team. Neal and I hung out after that for awhile, after I exposed him to girl scout cookies he had never had (Carmel Delights. They have coconut which he dislikes, yet he loved the cookie. Odd.) and we had stale angel food cake (which wasn't actually that bad).

Yesterday I spent 4 hours on my cs and only succeeded in making my ball (we're creating a pong game) move to the right and never come back. I have given up for now. If I turn it in as is I can get a maximum of 65 points, which is at least passing, even though it's not what I'm looking for. I'm going to have to ask people for help. We can work with a partner but I'd work with Ryan and he wasn't starting it till during break which won't work if we're supposed to work together. Oh well. I also went to the OB Gynie and had an interesting incident. She renewed my birth control pills, but they were for a different pill than i'm taking. We called them and asked why they renewed a pill I'm not taking and were told that's what they wrote down I got prescribed. The odd thing is that I was given samples of what I'm taking now, and have renewed it before which means I didn't get a prescription for that other pill. Also, I magically had 3 more renewels when the last time I renewed it said I had no more.

Today I went to the engineering show with Neal, his dad, and my dad. We ended up losing Neal's dad for over 4 hours. He was talking to the UPS guy so we went walking ahead, continually going back to see if he was still there. When he wasn't, we waited at the end of the aisle to wait for him to catch up but we never saw him walk by after half an hour. We then spent the next hour searching for him, gave up and ate lunch, then went to the other area for 3 hours. We left a note at the message board telling him to meet us there at 3. When we got there a little before the note was still there, so he hadn't seen it. Then magically at 3 he popped out of nowhere and was running off. I could only point, being shocked at seeing him. My dad ran after him and stopped him. He has an uncanny ability to hide. Oh, and this morning Amica was whining at my dad's door for over a half hour while he was taking a shower. She kept barking and whining and I felt so bad for her. When he finally let her in she grabbed one of my mom's white gloves and then promptly left. All that for a glove. We can't find the glove either, so we suspect she brought it outside and dropped it in the snow. Speaking of snow, I highly enjoy the 4+ inches we're getting right now.


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