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Monday, March 31, 2003

My advisor is such a JERK. Here's an email I sent him:
I'm a first year computer engineering student, and I understand the advising meeting is this Wednesday. I won't be attending because I want to see the movie in Fisher and require getting tickets early, which would mean I'd have to leave half the meeting. I don't know any computer engineering students I'd be able to get the information from. Is there any way I can get the information I will miss? Also, I am ahead in my math classes so I'm not sure what class to take in place of the lin alg/diff eq. So far I have decided on the engineering statistics since that seems to be the only thing I can take. Is this what I should be doing? I also want to consider the enterprise program but I don't know what classes to take for that or how to fit them in my schedule for next year. How can I find this information? If we should set up a meeting to discuss these things that's fine.

Here's what I got in response from him:
A very important part of any engineering education is learning to set priorities.
That's his whole email. He's my ADVISOR. He's supposed to be ADVISING me.

I'm angry, so this is what I send in response to that:
Well, I emailed you in advance so I could see the movie and learn the information that would be important to know for next year. To me it seems better to do both things I would like to do, than only one. I figure that since you are my advisor then you should be around to advise me whenever I need it. However, since you are unwilling to help I will try to seek assistance elsewhere.

The weird thing is that he sent a copy of his email to me to the department head. Why? Is he trying to get me in trouble? I hope the department head sees that my advisor is a jerk and won't help me and will fire him. No one likes him.


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