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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Friday was our hall formal and it was a lot of fun. The food was good, and we went bowling. I won the klutziest award, mostly due to the fact that I can't eat without spilling on myself. I did pretty good in bowling, too, with 2 stikes in a row. Taking bowling has improved me a lot, because I got 102. Um, Saturday was busy with me doing homework ALL DAY when I wasn't napping for 5 hours. Neal played softball all day. Oh yeah, and Friday was spring fling so while Neal played oozball (I have pictures!) Erinn and I wandered around. Mmm, free food. Neal and I are on half a break right now. With finals coming up and me being stressed out I decided it was best if we didn't spend so much time with each other. Sunday I spent MORE time on homework. I feel like it's all I do now. I did one of my job shadowing/training things for the front desk. 3 more to go... I went to the Free Joe rally and it wasn't nearly as large as I expected. There were 3 bands and like only 1 guy spoke. The president of the university and some cs teachers were supposed to but I didn't hear them. We left during the 2nd band because they sucked, and then came back for the 3rd which rocked so I bought a cd. I knew people in both of the bands so it was cool. After that I went to my mentor reception which wasn't much at all.


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