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Monday, June 02, 2003

I still haven't gotten a call back about my ring, and it was supposed to be 3 days since Thursday. I didn't have guitar today because Luis got a new student and he tried calling us but our phone wasn't working. We were home, but it never rang, which is odd. So Alli and I sat around for half an hour, then she had her lesson, then I got gas and we went home. Even at $1.52 (it was on the way, otherwise I would have gone to the gas war corner where it's 1.44) it was only $20. I was surprised, so I have a small tank because only about 12 gallons were filled and I was a little below a quarter of a tank. I had been at 1/8, but it somehow raised. I apparently can go a week without needing to fill up.


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