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Friday, May 30, 2003

I was crying on the way home from work today. Why? Because tornado sirens (2 of them!) started going off and it was raining so hard my wipers were on full blast. I had to use my 4-wheel drive because when I tried to turn right onto Army Trail I wasn't moving and my wheels were sqealing. This is SCARY. I have a phobia of tornados. I was shaking and I ran into the house. The sky is SO dark right now that it looks navy blue, and it's almost black. The leaves of the trees blend in with the sky. I've never seen it so dark when it's not night time. There's a tornado where Liz is right now. I hope she's ok. I was hoping Neal would call to make sure I'm ok, since he knows I'm afraid of tornados, but he didn't. I guess he doesn't care. The sirens are off now and everything seems ok, except for the sky. Right before I left work there was this HUGE clap of thunder that made me jump and yell, "OH GOD!" I was shaking and jumping and all jittery at home. It was SCARY driving home. I'm so freaked out, but there's no one to help me feel better.


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