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Friday, May 30, 2003

I drove to the forest preserve and walked for about an hour. I was looking for a good place to sit where I wouldn't disturb the fisherman. I saw a blue heron, and watched that for about 15 or so. Then it started raining pretty hard so I started heading back. One fisherman started talking to me and asking me all these questions, and he told me to come some morning and fish with him. He scared me because I don't know him, he's a stranger just randomly talking to me a lot. Then I called my mom at work and told her I didn't have to work today and that I could pick up Alli from finals, so I have to do that at 1. I really need some time alone, but I don't know where to go because everything's wet. I can't stay at home though, but where to go? I think I've figured things out, but I won't tell Neal until I am positive, which will be in several days. I need to buy a new mp3 player, because mine is all messed up. It mixes up songs, so that if you play one song another will start playing. It permanently messes with the files, too. Sometimes they won't play at all. I hate to get rid of this 300+ player, but I don't know how to fix it. I need to get something smaller, and less expensive since I don't have that much cash yet.


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