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Thursday, June 05, 2003

The sent me home an hour early from work today. I only have to work 18 hours next week. I checked to see if there were any sub forms but there weren't. I asked Amber, who schedules people, what the deal was since I went from 36 hours to 18, and she said that it's really slow, slower than it was last year. At least it's not me, I'm very glad to hear that. Sheryl was joking with me today because I got this one trouble phone call and she said I'm always causing trouble. ^_^ At least I'm liked at work. I have to take Amica to the vet today, and I'm taking my mom's van so my car doesn't get hair everywhere. I think the appointment's at 1:45... it better be. Then I come home, then deposit my paycheck and go to my doctor's appointment.


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