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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Yesterday bowling was fun. My mom dropped her ball which cracked me up. My new average from last week was 95. I bowled a 106, 119, and a 73. I seem to always have a low game. Last week I had the highest scoring handicap game since I had improved so much, heh heh. My mom and dad got the highest scoring adult games, which I thought was surprising. Today I've done absolutely NOTHING. I went to bed at 11, got up at 9:30 after the strangest dream ever. THen I went downstairs and played playstation until 4, which is when I got stuck and decided to take a shower and brush my teeth. My only meal of the day was 2 pieces of cake and some pudding. See, yesterday I baked Laura a birthday cake and made some pudding. The cake didn't rise though, even though I followed the directions exactly. It was a banana cake and really yummy. So now I don't know what I'm going to do today... play more playstation perhaps? It's actually warm out... maybe I should call one of my friends. Oh, and we got 6 calls in a row from the same person. As soon as I hung up they'd call again. Whenever I answered I heard people talking in the background but no one responded to me. I had Alli pick one up and it was the same. We don't know who it was.


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