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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Hahahahaha, Eric came by again and once again, asked me, "Where do I know you from?" This time he remembered my name, then remembered I'm Erinn's friend (Look Erinn, I'm updating! Maybe you should start bugging Neal to update). At Office Max Neal and I saw our revisions teacher. We were looking for poster board for her class and she's like, "I wonder why you need poster board!" I'm surprised she recognized us. She probably reads body language really well, because she's really good at telling when people lie and she knows communicating with other than words really good or something. She'd kick at bs. There was a lot of cute underwear at Pennies but I'm cheap and didn't buy any. After I got in I saw my mom left another message. I had tried calling her earlier today but no one answered and I never got the machine. I talked to her for probably an hour or so, then ate the pizza we ordered (because dinner sucked). My knee really hurts right now but my pills are in my room and I can't go get them. Sam Goody had soooo much stuff on sale, like 9.99 and 15.99. They're really trying to lower cd prices and I think that's great. Makes me want to buy a cd (I did, but from Walmart cuz it was about a dollar cheaper).


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