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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I keep forgetting to say my dream I had last night. It was a nightmare. I touched one of my teeth with my tongue and the tooth fell out! I touched my other teeth and all in all I had 5 teeth fall out! I was soooooooo scared about it I was crying. THen I spit the teeth out and 2 of them had parts of my jaw attached! I started running around scared to death about my teeth.

Stuff happened at wind symphony. My heart started hurting really really bad at one point, but then it got better. My lips were so tired that when I was blowing not only was it coming out my mouth, it was coming out of my nose as well. In one song there's a trumpet-bassoon solo but I didn't know that so when the trumpet was playing I thought i was lost so I didn't play and I was supposed to. Whoops.


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