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Saturday, August 23, 2003


So I was awoken at 8:22 with loud music. The ROTC is doing something outside, and they keep playing music so loud it sounds like it's coming from my room. Then they were playing "Amazing Grace" with bagpipes. I had the weirdest dream, about Philip Pullman getting laryngitus and writing 2 books with his wife, Kathleen. They were called The Phryxiant and The ______. I don't remember the name of the second because I hadn't read it yet. They were huge bestsellers, and I was excited about them like I am about weezer. The first was about 5 horrible gods who were killed off in a fight against each other in the middle of the desert on another planet. I know this because earlier in the dream I was reliving the plot. There was Vulcan, Persephone, an H one that I thought was Norse, Vishnu, and another. Anyway, so they died and they like disintegrated except for one of their legs, which just petrified. 5 teens were walking through the same desert millions of years later and one of them touched one of the legs and turned into Vishnu. Then the rest of us touched the other legs and turned into each of the gods. That was basically the part of the book I had read. Anyway, so later in the dream I was on a flight to Denver that Ryan had arranged. Lauren and Mrs Warrenburg were there too. To entertain us they were asking us questions and The Phryxiant came up and I got so excited.


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