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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Lalalala... I called Neal to see if he wanted to join us at the Rainforest Cafe and I got his mom. He's at work right now! I told her to have him call me back... I was going to try my last ditch effort today, but I didn't get a good chance since Brett was around again.

I finally finished my robot and it got through the maze! It's batteries were almost dead, so it moved at an impossibly slow pace while all the other robots zoomed by. However, I was either the second or the third to finish the maze out of 9! I even beat Phil at building the robot, and he started before everyone else! I find that highly ironic. I guess I'm just a quicky! Anyway, as everyone has agreed today, slow and steady wins the race. Poor Craig had some problems with his wheel, and Lauren's engines don't quite work and the soldering may be a little bad so I'm hoping it works out for her. They're due Friday.

My robot is so cool! I used nailpolish to paint half of it shades of green with a blue eye, and the other half shades of blue with a green eye. In the middle I have a mouth and teeth coming out of it. I'm planning on using the sensors to create flames. It's my Unlucky Water Dragon, so that's what it looks like. It was so funny to see a fierce looking robot moving along at a wussy speed.

After school I walked a bit ahead of Neal and didn't wait for him in case he wanted to talk to the girl, and partly to see if he would catch up to talk to me. He didn't, and I'm way sad. Sometimes it makes me cry. Yeah, I'm pathethic, but I've never felt like this before.


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