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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Busy busy busy!!! I'm updating this at school right now... Yesterday I got the new Weezer album, Maladriot!!! Each of the CDs has a different number on the back so they are all unique! It's sweet!

"And my mom said I might have underdeveloped heart and lungs and that means that I'm not...done." ~Me to Sarah when recounting the new revelation of my heart condition

My new word of the day: Man-browed: having hair growing between the eyebrows. i.e. It's unlucky to meet someone who is man-browed.

Hopefully I'll be able to update more... not today because I won't be home til after 6:30. Tomorrow's a good day. I have so much to do, I'll going nuts! Yesterday I had the physics AP and it wasn't fun. The class was fun because we didn't do anything. For the next 2 weeks wer are going to make robots. I've cut myself twice on the parts so far... I'm behind and I suck.



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