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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

A funny conversation I came home to find my mom and John having on my screen name:
jtomasula: i didnt even know she played
luna_the_cat: She started guitar in January. Last week she had her first drum lesson too.
jtomasula: is she gonna be in a one man band like in mary popins?
luna_the_cat: She sure could except she can't play piano, bassoon, flute, oboe, guitar and drums all at once. It would be fun to watch her try.
jtomasula: hmmm
jtomasula: how nimble is she in the toes?
luna_the_cat: She always said she wished I didn't have her quit dance when she was younger. She probably would be nimbler.
jtomasula: shoot, so close
jtomasula: mabye she could practice with like a can opener or something
jtomasula: to regain the nimbility
luna_the_cat: Maybe she'll take some dance at MTU - hip hop, belly dancing. That would keep her warm during the winter weather.
jtomasula: belly dancing? the outfits arent the most insulated though, shed have to dance pretty fast
jtomasula: id probably pay to see Stephanie hip hop dance
luna_the_cat: This kind of talk will get me in trouble with her. I better cool it.
jtomasula: lol oh ok
luna_the_cat: This isn't fair I tried toget lodging for orientation two weeks ago with no luck except 70 miles away. Neal's parents called this week and found something 15 miles away.
jtomasula: ouch mabye there was a cancellation
jtomasula: but its far more likely to be the work of an elaborate conspiracy envolving the president, texas oil, and Grace foods
luna_the_cat: We always get bad luck. I'm still trying though.
jtomasula: what city is MTU in
luna_the_cat: Houghton. North of Wisconsin into Michigan and then partway up this penninsula.
jtomasula: has stephie made any referances to a houghton miflin?
luna_the_cat: Not that I know of.
jtomasula: oh ok, ill have to remind her
jtomasula: houghton mifflin apparently wrote most of the texts we used in high school
luna_the_cat: She got her meningitis vaccine shot today. Another way for parents to punish their kids. Get them shots.
jtomasula: lol yeah i was supposed to do that today
luna_the_cat: Anyone living in a dorm should get it. Good thging it's an arm shot too. Steph hates!!!!!! shots!!!!!!!!
jtomasula: yeah they're not too fun
jtomasula: what is meninigitis anyhoo
luna_the_cat: Are you all ready for college?
jtomasula: oh yes
jtomasula: cant wait
luna_the_cat: I can't either. With Steph leaving that means no piano lessons, no basoon lessons, no guitar lessons, no scholastic bowl to pick her up from. She freed up my schedule I might join a bowling league myself.
jtomasula: lol
jtomasula: you do have other children as i recall
luna_the_cat: Yea but Alli's violin teacher isn't teaching anymore, and Laura quit piano and clarinet. No one is doing any afterschool fall sport so I can go straight home after work
jtomasula: thats cool
luna_the_cat: But both Laura and Alli will be taking drum lessons and there would be lots of practicing and endless pounding...
luna_the_cat: By the way - Alli is here with me so you are actually get both of us. We get to take turns typing.
jtomasula: two kids on the drums? thats gonna be wild fun
jtomasula: lol ah i see
jtomasula: alli's the older right?
luna_the_cat: yep:))
jtomasula: whoo!
luna_the_cat: She starts driving next month. I can't deal with it. I'm a control freak when it comes to driving.
jtomasula: did you get through Stephie driving alright
luna_the_cat: first of all-she is not a control freak-she reads her books during red lights and second of all she is only worried cause i love those racing games at arcades and will spend lots of money to race all over the place and crash into people sending them flying of the course
jtomasula: right on! wait till you try it for real!
jtomasula: i mean, Drive responsibly young lady.
luna_the_cat: I didn't survive Steph's driving - I had her dad drive with her and when she does drive I'm a BAD back seat driver. Which drives her nuts so she won't drive with me in the car anymore. Of course I don't like it when her dad drives either. I want control!!!!!!!
jtomasula: lol
jtomasula: my ma's the same way, i cant even drive when we go places together
luna_the_cat: You have that in common. Steph can relate to that BIG TIME!!!!! I'm going to try and improve the 2nd time around and by the time I get to Laura I should be settled down by then.
jtomasula: lol thats good
jtomasula: do you grab molding?
luna_the_cat: Baby I have that foot to the floor and I've got that door handle clutched.
jtomasula: lol, sigh, moms
jtomasula: am i right Allison?
luna_the_cat: very true-the worst thing is that they can be absent minded at times- you want to know how many times she pulled up to the front of school and rolled down her window saying "Oh i'm sorry. I kinda forgot about you." It hurts i tell you.
luna_the_cat: now wait a minute it was only twice.
jtomasula: brb
jtomasula: im back
luna_the_cat: wait til you guys get to be our age with children mind you and at least three, 1 or 2 don't affect the brain cells.
jtomasula: lol oh ok
luna_the_cat: did you kow she has literately thr
luna_the_cat: oops
jtomasula: so you blame it all on Laura
luna_the_cat: let me finish
jtomasula: certainly
luna_the_cat: did you know that lately she has gotten very picky over this one couch and has thrown/dragged/yanked/tossed me off and onto the floor-that hurts even more then her forgeting about me
jtomasula: hey mabye someday she'll forget to throw you off, theirs that to look forward to
luna_the_cat: now wait a minute here- I had the couch 1st - reading my book there. Details - they always forget the details.
luna_the_cat: well-what about when i try to read my book and i get there first? she just sits on me
luna_the_cat: she is so cruel
luna_the_cat: that was a one timer too. She is such a couch potato I thought she was the couch. Ooops.
jtomasula: lol ouch
luna_the_cat: she is so mean.
jtomasula: you have more than one couch though dont you?
luna_the_cat: the other couch is where the dog is - amica- so if we don't want to have to get up and let her in or out we have to have the livungroom couch
jtomasula: ah i see, my parents just sit feet from the dogs door and yell for me to let him out
luna_the_cat: the same goes for the phone-when it rings she tries to get us to get it when the cordless is right next to her and we have to go charging to the phone like they do on sims
luna_the_cat: we parents have to make sure our kids get exercise.
jtomasula: lol
luna_the_cat: i get enough exercise by being forced to put away her things that are found downstairs when we try to clean
luna_the_cat: cleaning to them is about once a year.
luna_the_cat: that is not true- just before i came to chat with u i was working on my room-of course hoping steve will be coming over tommorrow
luna_the_cat: She has been trying to find her floor for over a year now. It appears for moments at a time.
jtomasula: sorry bout that, LAN got disconnected
luna_the_cat: it ok
jtomasula: hey i gotta go water my moms flowers for her real quick
luna_the_cat: k
luna_the_cat: have fun
luna_the_cat: dont get wet
jtomasula: lol it always is
jtomasula: ill try
luna_the_cat: steph will be home soon to relieve you from us
jtomasula: Peace, Love and God bless
jtomasula: lol ok
luna_the_cat: you can come over and water our plants too.
jtomasula: lol
jtomasula: man i hate gardening
luna_the_cat: I do too and every year her dad plants a garden and then he wonders why I don't water it. I didn't want it!!!!
jtomasula: lol
luna_the_cat: But the watering keeps amica busy-she loves water but then you cant let her into the house cause shes wet
jtomasula: ah i see
luna_the_cat: sorry im a slow typer
jtomasula: but shes small, so its not too bad to dry her is it?
luna_the_cat: yeah but she likes to try and eat the towels
jtomasula: nice
luna_the_cat: and she isnt fond of the blow dryer
jtomasula: i dont think i could even try that on Blackjack
luna_the_cat: hey-dont be surprised if i suddenly bolt-like when steph gets home-she isnt to fond of us using her stuff
luna_the_cat: wait she just pulled into the driveway
jtomasula: lol oh ok
luna_the_cat: my mom will tell her to talk to u k?
luna_the_cat: bye
jtomasula: oh ok
jtomasula: thanks
jtomasula: Peace, Love and God bless
luna_the_cat: Okkkk...... I just got home.
jtomasula: hi
luna_the_cat: What the heck has my family been doing?
luna_the_cat: I haven't even taken my shoes off yet!
jtomasula: seeing as ive been home all day, i know not
luna_the_cat: Well, right now then.
jtomasula: um i dont know
luna_the_cat: Ok, what's up with this conversation?
jtomasula: this conversation?
luna_the_cat: yes, this thing
jtomasula: youre asking me questions
jtomasula: im saying i dont know
luna_the_cat: Ye, I am
luna_the_cat: I'm Steph now, don't ya know?
jtomasula: yes i do
jtomasula: how was guitar lessons
luna_the_cat: It was fun.
jtomasula: i mean so what've you been doing
luna_the_cat: My mom says that talking to you was fun.
jtomasula: oh ok
luna_the_cat: I've done nothing much except having lessons and getting a shot
jtomasula: yeah, meningitis, she said you hate those
luna_the_cat: Yeah, I was a barve soul though
luna_the_cat: brave
luna_the_cat: My mom's making fun of my typoing
jtomasula: good girl
jtomasula: lol
luna_the_cat: Man, we're cracking up
jtomasula: typoing sounds chinese
luna_the_cat: It was supposed to be typing, but I made a typo
jtomasula: oh i thought it was like typ ing
luna_the_cat: Yeah, it was a funny typo
jtomasula: quite
jtomasula: is typo a verb?


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