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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I managed to get out of my bassoon homework! She forgot that she had told me to make a couple reeds, which I hadn't done. For the first time I turned off my alarm in my sleep! I guess I must have been REALLY tired. I saw Lilo and Stitch today, and it was funny. Hee hee, mosquiotoes being a protected species... ha.

In my dream I was talking to Kim and she said that she was going to Kabul to convince the Iranians (never mind that they don't live in Kabul) that they were being silly about being mad at us, and she was dragging Melissa with since she was smart. I thought about that for a while and I realized I had a very convincing argument that they could use, so I wanted to email it to them. However, I knew I was asleep so I tried to wake myself up but couldn't. I could hear my music playing (I had set my cd to play for 1 hour) and I knew that the song that was playing was the last one before the hour would end, so I told myself I'd wake up after the song. Then Allison came into my room and I woke up only halfway. She told me that dinner was ready and I told her I was asleep so I'd get it later. She left and then the cd turned off and I fully awoke. Then I realized that the freakiest thing had happened because I've been asleep every time the hour has ended with that cd before, so I had no idea how my body knew it was the last song. Then I went downstairs to write an email to Kim and Melissa, and then suddenly realized that they weren't going to Kabul and that my brilliant argument was really stupid. Anyway, my argument was that the Iranians are mad at Americans for being well off and the Americans are mad at the Iranians for stopping the oil from coming to us so since we had an actual reason to be mad, unlike the Iranians, the Iranians should stop being stupid. I had thought that if we told them this, it's convince them to stop all the fighting. Isn't that nuts?

I also had a dream that I was living with some monkeys and the monkeys had made a really soft blanket out of gorilla fur. The gorillas got mad so they chased us out of the rainforest into the deserts of... Minnesota (dun dun dun) where I turned into an Indian.

Song of the day ~ Frozen by Madonna


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