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Friday, July 26, 2002

Well, on Sunday I'm not actually going to see a movie with Neal. Instead I'm going with his family to spend the day in Wisconsin with his mom's cousin. I guess otherwise he'd have no one to talk to. It'll be weird, but that means that I get to spend the whole day with Neal. WOO!

Last night I had the Down With The King party, but we played for like an hour because Kim got tired of it and monopolized the party so we didn't play anymore and we did whatever she wanted. That really got on my nerves. She's not invited to the next one, because I want to actually finish a game. I didn't get ANY sleep at all, but Neal's cute when he sleeps. After people started waking I got up and found that the 10 cups of pop I had drunk the night before (and had peed out in like 8 bathroom trips) finally sunk in and I was like totally wired. I couldn't sit still and I kept dancing and talking. I went outside to swing but I got bored in like 2 minutes. I thought about running around the block, but I went back inside instead and I kept giggling. Stupid caffeine not working when I want it to.

I officially hate flies. Kim has to eat her hat. She said she would if I killed a fly with my bare hands. It took me awhile since the flies wouldn't stop moving, but I finally did it. Shortly after 2 others decided to mate on our game board, and that was disturbing but they flew away before I could kill them. They're still flying around... Flies are the devil's gift to man, and I am their hunter.


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