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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Today I had to tell my family the news. I kept wimping out during lunch but finally afterwards I brought it up, saying "Aw man, it's almost 2:00 and my favorite time has passed!" Then of course they asked, "what's your favorite time?" and then I told them 1:11. They asked why and I told them, but my mom wasn't listening so Allison shouted out, "Hear that mom? Her wish came true!" Then my mom exclaimed, "WHAT? You told me you weren't going out!" Then I said, "We weren't at the time you asked!"

After that I told my friends and then I went to Kim's to swim. It was my first time swimming for a year, since I wasn't allowed to swim up to 6 weeks after my surgery. After we swam, Kevin and Kyle wrestled for some grapes and Kyle kicked Kevin in the crotch which had the effects of crippling him and Sarah shouted "Beware the grapes!" and he said, "I'm watching the OTHER grapes!" and then he got ice and Sarah said, "Steph should kiss you to make you better. She needs to practice for Neal." And I was like, WOAH!! Big implications there!


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