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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Woo! I got a 90.7 on my engineering exam!!! AND it was snowing on and off today a whole bunch, really big flakes. It's too bad it's 40 and too warm for it to stick. It made me really happy and excited. Besides the negative linear relationship between my happiness and my weight, there's a positive linear relationship between my happiness and snowing. Neal starved me today. It's weird, I've been hungry like every 2 hours yet I didn't gain anything until dinner. Of course, at dinner I ate a lot because Neal was taking a nap so he made me wait 45 minutes and I practically died of hunger. I IMed him LOTS of times, and even had other people do the same so he got lots of noises except that he had his sound off! That bum! However, now I'm better but heavier. I think my scale is bogus, because earlier within 5 minutes I ranged from 126 to 133, so I took the middle value. It's crazy. My mathematica partner didn't believe me again today and I had to spend 10 minutes explaining the correct answer to him. Ugh. WOO! Survivor tonight! It looks like a good one. Man, Tim talked to me today but I still don't think he knows my name. It's funny though since Erinn has a HUGE crush on him, and she acts like I did with Neal. It's wonderful and fun to tease her about. Ahhhhh, despite it being Hell Day today has been good. I'm actually ok with my weight now... but it's still not my happy weight. At least I'm not freaking about it because I know I'm not fat and that it's because college meal plans force me to eat more than I would normally.


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