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Monday, November 25, 2002

Amica just bit me!!! I was petting her and she wasn't doing anything and then she turned her head and bit me and growled! I screamed and ran away, gasping and crying. Now I have tears on the keyboard. I was getting lightheaded from the gasping because I was so afraid. She left only two small marks because I got away quickly enough, but it scare the shit out of me. Now I'm not entering that room again until she's in her cage. So much for thinking I was over my fear of dogs. That just proved I wasn't, because I was hyperventilating again just like when I thought this huge black lab was going to bite me when it was jumping on me. I'm not going to trust her for a long long long time now, and I'm going to be wary of all dogs from now on until I can get rid of my fear AGAIN. I'm not going to be comfortable around dogs for awhile either. My arm hurts. I'm glad she only scraped the skin and didn't break it.


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