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Friday, November 22, 2002

Woo! It's 11:03 central time back at home. I'm finally home! No one's online, though. My room is a complete mess of boxes because we got new carpet. Amica didn't bark or growl or bite me. She immediately jumped on me. She didn't even pee! I missed her a lot. It's weird being on this computer. The suppose quiet keyboard is really noisy. I got to see Erinn's room and that was really neat. I got to see Neal's cat, too. I am SO busy for the rest of the week. I have to do my engineering project sometime because no one has done it and it's due the Tuesday after we get back. I haven't had a song of the day yet, but I really haven't had time. I'm so excited to be home! Unfortunetely I have to unpack all my boxes in order to find clean pjs.

Song of the day ~ uh, I think the name is Godsend by DC Talk


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